«Trilingualism is a confident step into the future»

«To know many languages ​​means to have
many keys to one lock»
Voltaire, the French philosopher-educator
It is well known that in modern English, the principles and methods of natural and mathematical orientation are widespread, in particular physics, computer science, biology and chemistry.
Why do we need to develop trilingualism?
Today there is no doubt that the future of knowledge, science, information and the competitiveness of any country will depend on knowledge of the English language. It should start at school.
In this regard, the importance of teaching natural sciences in English provides an excellent opportunity to learn, first of all, to expand the vocabulary of terminology of students, learn to independently search, develop creative abilities and communicate everyday phenomena in English.
At the same time, the education of the young generation, who can speak English fluently in all aspects, is the clear goal for every teacher.There are many people in the community who are working hard to achieve this.
Built-in lessons can be taught by teachers of natural sciences at a very high level, but currently integrated lessons in secondary schools are taught by a subject teacher and an English teacher.
Teacher’s interest in chemistry (physics, biology, computer science) — English teachers — students ”starts the process of learning and control, sensitivity and logical thinking, increases the speed of imagination. So, in our Akshukur school-lyceum natural science teachers who took courses can teach their lessons in English. According to the plan, teachers took part in trainings for teachers and shared their experiences. When conducting school events: subject weeks, teaching days, extra-curricular activities, teachers use trilingualism, when organizing educational activities, they actively introduce subject terminology in the lessons, conduct repeated repetition of words in Kazakh, Russian and English.
The decade of trilingualism took place at our school.There are thematic stands and mini-posters on the role of trilingualism in the school lobby, and a book exhibition in three languages ​​in the library ..
Lessons in chemistry, physics, biology and computer science with Kazakh training were held in English.
Various events were held with students in the state, Russian and English languages.To increase students’ interest in the subject, the Polyglot contest was held among 9 grades. The aim of the competition is to educate a conscious generation on the basis of a trilingual educational program that can freely communicate in languages ​​and develop a broader view of the future.
In addition, among the teachers who teach chemistry, physics, computer science and biology in English and students of 10 classes took place the competition «Fly into English!». During the competition, teachers and students answered questions about the UK in English. According to the results of the competition, K.Aimagambetova  and students of 10 “a” class became the winner.
And among the 11th classes there was a competition in writing the essay «Үштілділік — болашаққа сенімді қадам».  Where the guys wrote about the importance and application of trilingualism in our lives.
A regional seminar “One Step to Innovative Youth” was held at our school.
The purpose of the workshop:  Promoting the development of three languages ​​contributes to the formation of a civilized modern personality, improving the speaking and speaking skills of students and demonstrating the impact of Bloom’s taxonomy on the quality of education. Teachers of the discipline A.Zhetkizgenova,

  1. Nurzhanova, G. Ayazbaeva, K. Aimagambetova, A. Musan, J. Yusupova, K. Kozhabergenova were taught in three languages, B. Aimanov held a round table on the theme “Education of the nation — national education”. The discussion of Amalova.A and Kabisatov.B on the topic “The need for education in three languages” was held at a high level.


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