School roles

Unit: Light & Dark
Teacher name: Yessenbayeva Assel
Grade: 3 Number present:  12 Number absent: 12
Theme of the lesson: School rules
Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to pronouns familiar words and short phrases intelligibly when reading allowed. use contextual clues to predict content in short, supported talk on routine and familiar topics. understand the main points of short simple texts on a limited range of familiar general and some curricular topics by using contextual clues; use must, mustn’t to talk about obligation
Lesson objectives All students will be able to
·         Speak about the school rules
·         Learn topical vocabulary
·         Make sentences with “must”
Most students will be able to
·         Speak about the school rules
·         Learn topical vocabulary with opposites
·         Make sentences with “must”
Some students will be able to
·         Discuss the meaning the rules and write their own suggestions for the school rules.
·         Learn topical vocabulary and use them in their speech
·         Speak about the school rules in more detailed manner
·         Express his/her feelings and give feedback to his partner
Planned timings
Teacher’s actions
Pupils` actions
Teacher greets students with ‘Hello song’
Writes some sentences from the previous lesson on the board but with jumbled words. Asks the pupils to make up sentences. Check their answers.
Students respond to greeting and sing a hello song
Students  make up sentences
1.Guessing the theme of the lesson
Teacher shows the video and students should guess the theme of the lesson.
Teacher says the aims of the lessons
2.Introduction with new words
With the help of picture teacher introduces students with new words and they should name  the words in the right order.
2.Chew gum
3.Drop litter
4.Be quiet
6.Make noise
Task 1 Work in pairsWord art’
Teacher gives to each pair worksheet.
3.Grammar : Must and mustn’t: Inductive approach.
Teacher explains the usage of ‘must’ and ‘mustn’t by using the pictures of different activities , then deduce the meaning of them by asking learners.  And Teacher shows some action verbs on the active board and gives example with must and mustn’t. Later teacher puts some concept checking questions to check if the learners understand or not.
Task 2. Collaborative work. Differentiation by peer support : More able learners help less able learners in translating some words.
Teacher gives posters, pictures , glue.
work in group
— match the sentences with pictures
— discuss in group
— present the posters
Task 3.  Speaking task.
Play the game. Open the box
Teacher explains the instruction of the game
Work individually
Choose one box
Read the sentences
Answer must or mustn’t
Task 4. Listening task.
While listening complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb.
1 star – listen and complete
2 star — listen  read and  complete
3  star — listen , read, complete and explain
Learners listen to the recording twice and identify if the sentences true or false. (They will be given cards with letters T and F. T for true , F for false).
Descriptors :
-work  individually
— listen to the recording
— raise the card T if the sentence is true
— raise the card F if the sentence is false
Pupils guess the theme of the lesson watching the video.
Pupils repeat, chorally and individually.
Pupils  should find out the new words and translate them
Pupils  give examples use must, mustn’t
Learners in group  should match the sentences which are given on the poster with the pictures and stick with the glue.
Pupils  chose one of the box and using ‘must’, ‘mustn’t’ and new words make up sentences
Pupils identify if the sentences true or false.
Teacher gives stars to the  pupils for participating to the lesson.
At the end of the lesson they should count their stars
8-10 Well done
6-7 Good job
1-5 Try again

Ppt 7
Worksheet 1
Ppt 8,9
Worksheet 2



Teacher asks learners to give reflection to the lesson by apple
Well what did we do in our lesson?
—    Evaluation of the lesson
Give the home task
Sing a Good bye song
Children sing a Good bye song
Feedback com/watch?v= Xcws7UWWDEs


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