«Abai, a great Kazakh poet.»

«Abai, a great Kazakh poet.»
The Plan of the Lesson “Hi is beautiful in his eternal yearning for the truth” The aims of the lesson: Upbringing: to up pupils be polite and responsibility, to love English, to educate the respect and interest in Abai’s compositions.
Educational: to introduce pupils new words on the theme, to revise the grammar material, discussion about the biography of the poet. Development: to develop pupils critical thinking, logical speech, reading and speaking skills, to enrich pupils knowledge in literature.
Type of the lesson: mixed lesson. Method of teaching: individual, pair and group work, question-answer, brainstorming. Visual aids: interactive board, slides, cards, a portrait of Abai Kunanbaev.
Procedure of the lesson:
I.Organisation moment: a)greeting b) making absentes c) talk with the pupils on duty II.Checking the homework III.Introduction of the new lesson
-Dear children! Look at the screen. Look at the portrait attentively. Answer the questions: -Who can you see in this picture? – What is Abai Kunanbaev? -What is Abai Kunanbaev famous for? – When and where was he born? – What poems written by Abai do you know? Listen to the recorder and tell me what poems you have been listening. Creative work
Abai Kunanbaev was: a poet, a composer, a thinker, a translator, a founder, a reformer,a philosopher.
New words and expressions of the lesson: world-мир masterpiece-шедевр good-natured-вежливый warm-hearted-душевный tales and legends-сказки и легенды settlement-поселение story-teller-сказочник very strict-строгий musician-музыкант
Match the words with their Russian equivalents: musician поэзия to learn Russian иностранные языки poetry гордиться foreign languages были переведены to be proud of музыкант have been translated изучить русcкий
Listen to the text about Abai Kunanbaev from the recorder:
Abai Kunanbaev (1845-1904)
Abai was a great Kazakh poet, musician, and a writer. He was born in Abai settlement near the city of Semey. He was from the rich family. His father Kunanbai was very strict person. But his mother Ulzhan and grandmother Zere were kind, good-natured and warm-hearted. They were good story-tellers. They told little Abai a lot of interesting stories, tales and legends of Kazakh people. At the age of 9 Abai went to a religious school. When he was 13 he began to learn Russian school in Semey. He liked to read books of great Russian poets and writers…. After listening the text people divided into two groups. Pupils of the 1-st and 2-nd groups will translate the text , then they’ll put the questions to each other and answer them: — When and where was Abai born? -Who were his parents? -Who acquainted him with tales and legends of Kazakh people? –When did Abai go to school and what did he learn there? -What is Abai famous for?
Auding: (True or False)
 1.Abai was born in 1845
2.He was from poor family
3.His father Kunanbai was a very kind person

  1. Abai’s mother and grandmother were good story-teller

5.At the age of 9 he went to a religious school
6.When he was 18 he began to learn English
7.Abai liked to read books of great Russian poets and writers
8.The Words of Abai were translated into many languages
Сomplete the chart Knowing: What is Abai famous for? He is well-know
n poet, hi I famous for with his Books of Words. Using: When and were was hi born? He was born in 1945 in Abay settlement Analysis: Why Abai had been translated books of Russian poets and writers? He liked to read books written by Pushkin, Lermontov, Krylov. Collecting: Abai in our life (to write short essay) Marking: Do you read any Abai’s poems?
Teacher: How well do you know Abai’s poems? Give me equivalents in three languages: 1.”Broad-shouldered, white-coated, powdered with snow. Blind and dumb, with the great silvery beard…”(Қыс) 2.”Feed from winter’s hibernations and heartache all that lives dings with its heart so warmth and light…”(Көктем) 3.”Quit, shoulder-deep in water stands the herb; The grown-up horses wave their silky-tales…”(Жаз) 4.”The clouds are grey and gloomy boding rain, An autumn mist envelops the bare earth..”(Күз)
IV.Conclusion test: 

  1. Abai was born in …. a)1825 b)1845 c)1837
  2. He was died ….1904 a)in b) to c) at
  3. His father Kunanbai was very…. a)kind b)strict c)gentle

4 .Abai’s mother and grandmother were good… a)singers b)story-tellers c)dressmakers
5.Later  Abai ….works of Russian poets and writers a)to translate b)will translate c)translated
6.Abai went to a religious school at the age of… a)9 b)11 c)13
7.At the age of 13 he began to learn… a)Russian b)German c)Chinese
8.Abai Kunanbaev died in…. a)1895 b)1904 c)1900 9.We know… .” Words of Abai” a)43 b)33 с)45
V.Giving the
Home task:to retell the text “Abai Kunanbaev”.
VI. Evolution .

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