My house

Open   lesson

                                                                                                                       Form: 5  “a”

                                                                                                                     Date: 06.03.2015

                                                                                                                     Duration: 45 min

The theme of the lesson:  My   room

The aims of the lesson:

Visual aids: interactive  blackboard, pictures

                                            The procedure of the lesson.

I.Organization moment:


Teacher’s activity                                                                   Pupils’ activity

— Good afternoon, children!                                                    — Good  afternoon, good afternoon

                                                                                                   Good afternoon too you

                                                                                                   Good afternoon and teacher

                                                                                                     How are you?     

— I’m very well, thank you! And you?                                      — We are fine.

— Sit down, please

— Who is on duty today?                                                        — I’m on duty today.

— Who is absent?                                                                   — All are present.

-What day is it today?                                                           — Today is  Tuesday

-What date is it today?                                                          — Today is the 6th  of  March

  II. Warm-up 

Where  do  oranges come  from?

Where do  apples  come from?

Where  do bananas  come from?

Where  do  raisins  come  from?

III.Checking  up  the  home task

IV. New  words

Picture [‘piktʃə] сурет

Nice [nais] әдемі

Clean [kli:n]  таза

Orange [‘ↄrindƷ] апельсин

Carrot [‘kəerət]  сәбіз

Potato  [pə’teitəu]  картоп

Egg [eg]  жұмыртқа

Banana [bə’nɑ:nə]  банан

Sugar [‘ʃugə] құмсекер

Cheese  [‘tʃi:z] ірімшік

Bread  [bred]  нан

Butter [‘bλtə]  май

Water  [‘wↄ:tə]  су

V.New  theme

Some, any – көп, көптеген, бірнеше  деген  мағынаны  білдіреді. Some – болымды  сөйлемде  қолданылады. Аny – болымсыз, сұраулы  сөйлемде  қолданылады.

There  are  some pictures  on  the  walls.There  are  not  any  chairs  in  the  room.

Any  there  any  pillows  on  the  sofa?

Much, many — көп, көптеген, бірнеше  деген  мағынаны  білдіреді.

Many сұраулы және  болымсыз  сөйлемдерде саналатын  зат  есімдермен  ғана  қолданылады: алма, апельсин, банан, жұмыртқа, сәбіз, картоп

Much  сұраулы  және  болымсыз  сөйлемде  саналмайтын  зат  есімдермен  ғана  қолданылады :  сүт, шәй, май, нан, күріш, ірімшік, секер

This  is  my  room. It  is  nice  and  clean.  It is  yellow, because I  love yellow. There  is  a bed, a table  and  chair. There  are  pillows  on  the bed. There  are  some  pictures  on  the  walls. There  is  a  stereo  near  the window. There  is a  plant on the window.  There  is  a  computer  on  the  table. There  is  a small  light  brown carpet  on  the floor.  There  are not  books  on  the  table. There  is not  a  clock  in  the room. I’d  like my  room  very  much.

VІ. Exercises

Task 1. Find the right answer

1. This is … room.
a.  his          b.  her          c. my

2. … is yellow
a. it                 b.  this          c. these

3. There are… on the bed
a.  chairs         b. blackboard           c.  pillows

4. There are  …  on  the  walls
a.  books             b. pictures         c.  beds

5. There  ia  …  on  the  window
a.  plant              b. fridge            c.   bus

6.There  is not …  in  the room
a.   book              b.  clock           c.  radio

Task 2. Read  and  put  there  is / there  are  into  the  gaps

            My  kitchen  is  large. ___________ a  table  near  the  window. ___________plates  on  the  table. ____________a  washing  machine, a  dishwasher, a  cooker  in  the  kitchen. ___________ a sink. ___________cups  and  plates  in  the  sink. I  love my  kitchen.



Task 3. Look  at  the  picture and  write  about  5 – 10  sentences. 

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